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David Kadavy 

I am passionate on creating a positive impact through design and transforming products that work flawlessly.

The motivation that gets me going is the challenges I face to come up with new solutions to improve products. This allows me to expand my horizon, explore other methodologies and techniques. Whilst, helping businesses reach their goals and building close rapports with stakeholders and colleagues.

I believe in giving back, in my spare time I enjoy volunteering in local communities and cleaning up the environment.
Writing has become a well found hobby of mine which I thoroughly enjoy by motivating those around me, you can find that by clicking here.

Besides work, I’m an avid traveller, hiker, litter picker and I consider myself a pretty badass baker.

What I’m about


UX Design for Empathy
Cognitive Psychology
BA Digital Media

Reading, watching, doing
The Ultimate Happiness Prescription
The Office (UK)
Baking rye sourdough