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Telstra Smart Wifi

Booster Setup

Our goal for the project was to re-evaluate the onboarding process for users using Home Dashboard app to set up their modem
and Wifi Boosters.

The Challenge

When I joined the team, the setup of modems via the Home Dashboard app was difficult to comprehend for users, would rely on technicians to install their modem.

The challenge was to restructure the onboarding process for users by providing a simple easy path for them to setup their modem and Boosters.

My Role

I led the journey and discovery for the installation of modems and Boosters in Home Dashboard across iOS and Android devices. I worked with one other UX designer to uncover insights and translate the flows into a successful easy installation.

I led efforts to mature the user flows and address customer pain points related to the step-by-step process and successfully connect devices to their modem and Boosters.

Strategy & Planning

I recreated user flows to suggest an easier way to setup the devices once they’ve been delivered to the customers home. Wireframes and prototypes were consistently user tested and reiterated for improvement over a short period of time. I worked with QA prior to release, ensuring that there was no gaps or faults to the installation of various modems. Additionally, we physically tested with modems and Boosters to confirm all positive and negative paths were addressed.

For each modem model, I executed the research by questioning what are the requirements, consensus were required and gain approvals and handoffs to different teams and managers.


I collaborated with different teams within the business; the hardware team and also the Wifi Booster team. This was to gain a better understanding of how these products were set up outside of the Home Dashboard app and discovering how the setup would be translated in the Home Dashboard app.

An example of how Boosters operate


I presented the work to managers, other teams across the business, users and senior stakeholders throughout the lifecycle.


We conducted multiple user interviews and testings on modems and wifi Boosters to ensure a successful setup flow, with a chance of a failed connection.

The Research

We did not want to exhaust our users by having a difficult setup flow, but rather something simple and personal one. Assisting customers with their in-home installations from their phone device had to be made easy and quickly.

We envisioned the future of these setups to be personalised since it’s in their home.

“We’ve found customers naturally want to place a booster at the edge of their Wifi coverage, but in reality, placing it where the coverage has just started to drop off but is still relatively strong vantage provide a much better overall experience”

The Redesign

My process involved creating different personas, brainstorming, journey maps and user flows with my UX partner, then translating those into sketched wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes in Invision and Sketch. Creating the prototypes was the best way to gain quality feedback from managers and other teams.

Go with the Flow

High fidelity prototypes were next, during this time I collaborated with our UI designer to execute simple, seamless UI designs. We shaped the functionality, refined the designs and updated the user flow after several iterations and continuous interviewing/testing.

It was easy to translate the wireframes into high-fidelity mockups and flows with our existing design patterns and standards. I was able to prepare and think how I would assist the UI designer with the components needed and the sort of designs required for each screen, and to make it more personable.

“To help make this easier, we’ve updated our free Telstra Home Dashboard app which walks customers through a few simple steps to find the best areas in their home to set up their Smart Wifi Boosters.”

Using visual design language and illustrations that were playful and minimalistic, we were able to deliver an experience that was calming and personal from an end-to-end process even during connection problems.

The Final Product

We helped customers manage their home network by adding wifi scanning networks. Using existing technology, we invented a way of combining the results and new essential techniques for device identification and renaming. 

After the launch we were able to test my onboarding process with customers who purchased a modem or Wifi Boosters with Telstra. The setup using Home Dashboard app was a fantastic feeling as they were able to glide through the step-by-step process with a successful connection.