Eye + Dental Health Care

Eye and Dental Care was in search for a new storefront design to their newly bought store in Sydney.

Key Objective

Design a storefront that is memorable and minimalistic.

• Eye-catching
• High-end health practice

Competitor Analysis

There was a gap in the market for setting a prestigious modern healthcare practice especially in the situated area. We needed to establish where other competitors were located and what they provided.

The importance of a more intimate customer experience was evident with Eye and Dental Care, dedicating their time to assist families, young couples and residents in need.

Geographic Analysis

Demographic analysis

Emotion is an Experience

Customers would come back to the health practice because of their initial visit. The user analysis showed apparent evidence when they returned it was because of the practice professionalism, and the aftercare in the dental and optometry clinic. Putting customers at the forefront of their business.

95%of purchasing decisions are made by emotions.

Harvard professor, Gerald Zaltman

It was easier to create the persona from the competitor and user analysis. This leveraged my understanding around business goals and needs.

  • Based on occasions, I like to see which restaurants offer deals
  • I want to visually see where restaurants are located
  • I don’t want to assume where my delivery person is when it says “it’s on it’s way

Edge Cases

  • Signage without explanation or meaning making it difficult to interpret.
  • Quality isn’t met by what was written on the website or inside the practice.
  • People who don’t recognise that it’s a healthcare practice.
  • People who are colour blind or disabled

The customer experience has to be across every possible touchpoint, including digital, in-person, employee experience, and create emotional connections.


The store previously had a design that was difficult to interpret and customers were unsure what the signage entailed.

It was clear to come up with something succinct, elegent and memorable.

Side of the practice
Main shopfront


This experience was different compared to the technologies in previous projects. However having applied my skills in a physical space and not only in technology was helpful in understanding competitors within the area and the target market.

  • Ensure that customers know exactly what store is at first sight.
  • It follows through with the interior of the practice with modern touches.

I thank the practice for giving me the opportunity to design their store.

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