Just Eat Case Study

In COVID times, people are ordering food online more than ever.

The Challenge

Just Eat acts as an intermediary between independent takeaway food outlets and customers. I decided to explore this area and venture out to see if there is an opportunity to improve the user experience, by considering their demographic and the effects of the pandemic.

Key Objective

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Design a food app flow and interface that is smart enough to suggest occasions, display restaurants on a map and track the delivery.


Products being made need to solely be functional, that’s the fundamental truth of creating a product with value. That’s when emotion comes in and the value creation lies, this is where you differentiate between each products.
Products that make you feel happy, relaxed or excited. Example such as Disney world and Universal studios. Netflix and Amazon prime.

The amygdala is a chock-full of the neurotransmitter dopamine, and it uses dopamine the way an office assistant uses Post-It notes.

Dr. John Medina, Brain Rules

What makes a great food app?

Food apps have two main components: Restaurants offer their delicious foods to consumers and consumers decide what they’d like to eat that day.

The app should focus on helping the user accomplish 3 MVP jobs:

  1. The user should easily be able to view restaurants nearby on a map
  2. The user should be able to filter easily via app or desktop based on their lifestyle at home
  3. View where the delivery man is with users food

Just Eat at the moment focuses more on being informative and selling the USP of its services.

Let’s take a look at the core problems and needs where I used to define the goals. Thus, devise design thinking opportunities to improve product features that achieve those goals as best as possible.

User Journey

I needed to understand the consumer needs to discover what their problems are and where exactly in the journey do they face these issues.
This involved speaking to and spending time with people who use food delivery services and are affected by these issues.

I interviewed 3 users who use food delivery services and indicated their pain points and motivations behind online food ordering.

Pain Points

I then identified 3 main pain points which were:

  • I am unable to filter on the mobile app for cuisines or sort by
  • I am unsure where the restaurant is located
  • I can’t keep track of the delivery and how long it will arrive

Defining Goals

Defining the goals was related to the key objective and the user journey.

  • Based on occasions, I like to see which restaurants offer deals
  • I want to visually see where restaurants are located
  • I don’t want to assume where my delivery person is when it says “it’s on it’s way”

User Map

The collection of research prompted me to then create a user map from the consumer entering the app, selecting an occasion, cuisine and to seeing where their delivery person is in real-time.

Edge Cases

Going through these points in the back of my head I had to consider different edge cases that could affect the consumer at any given time if something went wrong. These scenarios cannot only be happy path otherwise it’ll put our consumers into a vulnerable and sticky situation.
I identified two types of edge case paths, these were:

First type of edge case known is the technical element, where consumer inputs incorrect data into the form field.

Secondly there is contextual edge cases where it could be behavioural divergence from the happy path.

Here are the top 3 edge cases:

  • Enabling location automatically could predict the wrong address, without typing the correct postcode. 
  • Potential solutions:
    First time user; ensure at checkout that there is an indication to check the postcode prior to submitting the order.
    Existing user, have the address saved into the database (as it is currently).
  • Filters could take up a lot of space on a mobile device.
  • Quick actions on alert based push notification.

UX At The Forefront

Any product creation there needs to be meaningful progress. This is how we can enhance customer experience for concise outcomes. Therefore, connecting and empathising with users to gain a deeper understanding of their true motivations.

Finally, loyalty from users enables the business to gain retention from most users.


The tabs were created to create an intuitive and seamless experience when looking for what to eat! Whether it’s with your family, friends or going solo. To avoid frustration, displaying preset restaurants by enabling the devices locator can increase users exact location, this can also be switched off via the settings.

In maps mode the locator drops various restaurants that are available to the user and hiding those that are closed with the option of restaurants at the bottom that can be horizontally scrollable, that enables the user to view the restaurant name, rating, and cuisine.

One of the key factors of ordering food for the users is determining how far away it is. Having a clear live view of the delivery location anticipates to the user the proximity of their food. The below wireframes also gives the user the chance to call or message the delivery person this ensures clear communication at all times.

Final Designs

Key takeaways from this experience? 😅

  • Improvements and optimisation can be made, especially during COVID times. Enhancing a dining experience at home is essential when restaurants are closed.
  • Creating a seamless experience for the consumer needs to be high priority when it comes to providing an instant service.
  • There are endless possibilities and I will never be able to think of all possible scenarios and edge cases but overall it was an exciting experience where users are at the forefront of business goals.

Now when’s my pizza coming?

Note: I do not work for, nor am I affiliated with Just Eat. I did this case study as I am a UX designer who likes to consistently solve and improve product and as a foodie, Just Eat is one of my go-to services.

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