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Property Tree

Our goal for the project was to design Property Tree Owner and Tenant software an online platform where you can access your property information and communicate directly with your property manager.

I was brought on board to support and take on half responsibilities of the designing the software.

Experience Strategy

I created the design guidelines for the developers to share the vision, the design principles and content strategy. This helped to drive the developers to work more efficiently and effectively throughout the team.


I collaborated and designed alongside with the UI designer, project managers and product owners and the lead developer to translate each feature into context.

We worked in fortnightly sprints, ending with a retro to review our progress and work.

Know your Audience

It was clear who our target market was and who to design for. Translating the ideas into designs was the next question we had to decipher and understand. Creating content and information that was crucial to the owner and the flip side, the property manager.

My Role

I led half of the design and UI development of Property Tree web platform. I integrated as one of the developers in the team. Worked alongside one of the other UI developer, we were leading the design and architecture of the platform.

User Interface

In the team, we were striving to improve the platform. Customer service, attention to detail and the level of technological sophistication combined to give users a simple yet resourceful experience.

We resisted the temptation load too much information on one page. It was important to show the right content at the right time. Not forcing people to swallow more than they can digest, trying to stimulate and provide the correct content and more information to those who want more.

Discovering an intuitive way to store documentation in one place, from the cloud as well as creating an automated receipting and reconciling of tenancy payments for both residential and commercial properties. We developed real-time statistics in customisable dashboards, of arrears, vacancies, inspections and more.

The Final Product

I was very privileged working with a dynamic, content driven team. Where my ideas and voice was heard as a UI designer and developer.

• 3,500 Agencies use Property tree – it’s used in more agencies than any other property management software solution.

• 22% Average efficiency gains – streamlining your business processes and leveraging the power of the cloud.

“We chose Rockend because it was a modern software system, simple to use and easy to integrate.”

Melodi Brown, Ristic RE

“With Property Tree, we have the ability to easily add hundreds of new managements without a proportional uplift in our staffing numbers.”

Anthony Caudullo, Crown Group